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Divorce and relationship breakdown

Relationships are rarely straight forward.  At Covent Garden Family Law we can help with expert guidance and advice in relation to all legal aspects arising from them.  Our constructive, practical approach, good sense and realistic advice can all help find a lasting solution for you, your partner and your children.

Here are just some of the areas in which we can help:

Divorce/dissolution of civil partnerships

If you reach the often difficult decision that your marriage/civil partnership is over we can help you with the legal process to bring about its dissolution.

Financial issues

Once the process of formal separation has begun we can help you to try to reach agreement on financial matters or apply to the court for financial relief if agreement is not possible. The court can make orders relating to property, capital, income and pensions and has wide-ranging powers to divide up the assets of the partners. The court’s priority will always be the welfare of any children under 18.


If you live with your partner or are thinking about setting up home together, we can provide advice and information on how it might affect your legal position, and the steps you might need to take to protect your interests.

Because there are no ‘automatic’ rights created by living together, you may find that issues relating to your children, home, finances and child maintenance arise if your relationship breaks down. No two families are exactly alike, so we’ll work closely with you to develop a solution that’s tailored to your situation, and fair to everyone. We can help you to prepare a cohabitation agreement to set out the details of your property and assets, or you may want to consider a deed of trust to establish the ownership of your home.

Pre-nuptial agreements

If you’re thinking about getting married or entering into a civil partnership, we can help you to draft a pre-nuptial agreement or a pre-registration agreement to set out how your assets would be dealt with if you were to separate.

Property disputes

At Covent Garden Family Law, we can advise about how to divide the shares in your property, if you and your partner lived together in a home owned by one or both of you. We can also advise you about steps to protect your interests, such as the right you may have to remain living in the property.

If the home was owned by your partner, you may still be able to claim a share of the property, depending on whether you contributed to buying the home or to any improvements.

If you and your partner have raised children together, you may also be able to make a claim to enable you to look after your children in the family home

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