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Mediation is an increasingly popular and effective approach to resolving disputes between you and your former partner using face-to-face discussion, rather than the courts. Couples choosing mediation stay in control of the decision making process – rather than leaving it to a judge. At Covent Garden Family Law, we believe that you have a right to help decide what works for you and your family, and we offer expertise in mediation services for couples in a whole range of circumstances.

Mediation is designed to encourage constructive discussion and assist couples to resolve conflict. They will actively participate in finding solutions that are focused on what is important to them and their family. This is done through face to face meetings with a mediator.

Couples in mediation work under a skilled mediator’s advice and guidance to identify the issues, acknowledge disagreements, hear the other point of view and develop alternative solutions to arrive at the best solution. They may still be angry with one another,  but trust the mediator to be fair and focused to help them both in equal measure.

The result is a process – and a set of results – that stays in the hands of the couple, making it less expensive, quicker and often less harrowing than the ‘adversarial’ court alternative.  

Advantages of mediation:

  • It is quicker and cheaper than litigation
  • It is designed to reduce stress and make the process easier for all involved, including children.

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